Free Bluebird House Plans

Many bird enthusiasts put up bluebird houses specifically designed just for the bluebird.

The correct size of hole helps deter predators while making it easier for the nestlings to exit when they mature. A 1 1/2" entrance hole is the correct diameter for the Eastern Bluebird and Western Bluebird, 1 9/16" diameter for the Mountain Bluebird.

Bluebird House
Using the simple plan you can build a Bluebird house instantly. Free directions this way!

Nesting Box for Bluebirds
Complete plans for building a nesting box for your bluebirds from

Build a Bluebird House
Detailed plans and extra information to build the perfect bluebird house.

Bluebird Nesting Box Project Plan
You will find this plan under the title of Nesting Box on their website.

How to Build a Bluebird House
While this box is designed for bluebirds, it may be used by wrens, chickadees, titmice, tree swallows or even flying squirrels.

Bluebird House Plans

This article describes how to create a bluebird house kit that is easy to produce and costs very little.

Build a Bluebird House
Build this Bluebird House in an afternoon.

Eastern Bluebird Nestbox
Assembly instructions and complete plans for an Eastern Bluebird nestbox.

Bluebird (Western & Mountain) Nestbox
Assembly and complete instructions for the Western Bluebird Nestbox.

Bluebird House
Plans for the Peterson Bluebird house.