Decorative Bird House Plans

Bird watching is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the country. All it takes to attract birds to your yard is food, water and a bird house. Build yours with one of the following bird house plans.

Autumn Birdhouse
Cute autumn birdhouse to paint in fall colors.

Flower Pot Bird House
Free pattern for a charming decorative bird house. Trim your bird house with plants and flowers.

Woodworking Plans
8 different birdhouse patterns to choose from.

Church Decorative Bird House
Build a church bird house with a metal roof and assorted designs.

4 Birdhouse Plans
Here you will find 4 birdhouse plans. One birdhouse plan is very unique as it looks like a southwestern stucco home.

Decorative Birdhouse

This is a fun project for building a decorative birdhouse. Use your own choice of paint colors and some added flair for a birdhouse that looks great in your home or outdoors.

A Mosiac Birdhouse
Using this plan you can take a plain wooden birdhouse and make it into a beautiful and colorful birdhouse with the use of mosiacs.

Home Tweet Home
Here are plans for an adorable birdhouse that looks like a two story house with a porch. This birdhouse is designed to sit on top of a post that is cemented into the ground.

Scary Birdhouse
This birdhouse looks like a witch with a black cat on the roof and three smiling pumpkins on the perch. Great item for Halloween decor.

Woodworking Plans