Swallow Bird House Plans

The tree swallow is a hole nester and often faces a housing shortage and must fight to get into sought-after nest sites. Man-made nesting boxes may help increase the numbers of these birds. Build a birdhouse or nest shelf with one of these free plans.

Birdhouse Video
You can watch this video or read how to build a bird specific birdhouse to place in a tree or on top of a post. Bring the birds to your yard by building them a birdhouse.

Birdhouse Plan
Here are diagrams for helping you build your own robin or swallow birdhouse. This birdhouse is easy to create and will give you hours of enjoyable bird watching.

Nest Box Plans

Pick from several different nest box plans for a variety of bird species. You will find nest box plans for wrens, bluebirds, kinney swallow and more.

Nest Shelf Diagram
Here is a simple diagram for building a nest shelf suited for the american robin, barn wwallow and the eastern phoebe.

Eastern Bluebird & Tree Swallow Birdhouse
This birdhouse plan is very detailed and has helpful tips to help you build a great looking birdhouse for your yard.

A Barn Swallow Nesting Perch
You can easily build a barn swallow nesting perch with the use of this diagram.