Wind Chime Plans

Wind chimes are usually hung as decorations to produce interesting background sounds in our gardens and houses, and a wind chime can also be used as garden art.

Metal Tubing Wind Chimes
Glass Wind Chimes
Ceramic Wind Chimes
Miscellaneous Wind Chimes
Wind Chimes Kids Can Make

Metal Tubing Wind Chimes

How to Make a Wind Chime
Wind chimes allow us to snatch music from the air, and it takes only a few minutes to craft together a set of chimes that reflect your home decor or the whimsy of your imagination.

Copper Wind Chimes
The copper on these wind chimes looks great and ages beautifully. And the sound from the copper is soothing, not overpowering.

Metal Tubing Wind Chimes
Make these wind chimes using a decorative fence post cap.

Wind Chimes
Another plan using metal tubes.

Glass Wind Chimes

Fused Glass Wind Chimes
Fuse your own glass into playful wind chimes embellished with copper, cement and beads.

Ceramic Wind Chimes

Flower Pot Wind Chimes
These natural-looking flower pot wind chimes will add a touch of charm to any porch or breezeway. They are simple to make, and can be left out in all weathers. Best of all, they cost you nearly nothing!

Misc. Wind Chimes

Sea Shell Wind Chime
A set of seashell wind chimes is a great reminder of a summer vacation at the shore. Kids and adults love to collect shells, and here's something creative to do with them!

How to Make a Wind Chime From Spoons
You'll need several old metal spoons, one old metal fork and fishing line to make this melodic wind chime.

How to Make Metal Wrench Chimes
This project sounds weird, but the tone of these chimes is quite nice. Use box-end wrenches for a pleasant-sounding ring.

How to Make Hard Drive Wind Chimes
This project not only sounds weird, I think it is weird! Anyway, it is a way to recycle that old 386 you still have in the garage.

Wind Chimes Kids Can Make
(with adult supervision!)

Crafts For Kids - Seashell Wind Chimes
For this craft idea you’ll need at least eight pretty seashell specimens.

Make a Wind Chime
Kid's can make this wind chime out of almost anything!

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